Have You Made Your Christmas Pudding Yet??

I used to make Christmas fruitcake pretty much every year. But I must admit that I have never made plum pudding!

I really love to eat it – even if the rest of the family isn’t always keen. And I do have a bunch of dried fruit around the house. Maybe this will be the year that I attempt a plum pudding!

Please click through to Carol’s blog to check out her recipes for this yummy Christmas treat. And as usual, comments will be turned off here on 24 Carrot Diet. So please leave your comments on the original post. Thanks!

Retired? No one told me!

My oh, my is the time not flying now???

Time to make the puddings and mincemeat for Mince pies…

Christmas Pudding

This first recipe is gluten free..for all of my friends who have to eat gluten free for a diagnosed medical condition and it is delicious and quite frankly just as nice as my tried and tested recipe I always make..not much difference in taste.

So I am giving you both recipes one Gluten free and my tried and tested one which if you used gluten free breadcrumbs and flour would also be Gluten free..

Hopefully this year I will have proper rolls of wrapping paper as one’s son is in England and will be bringing some back for me…Yehhhh no juggling with those silly little rolls which are just enough to wrap a matchbox…I am not kidding!

 So here is the first recipe for a… Gluten FREE Christmas pudding… Enjoy!

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